Bought wrong size clothes online? Intellifit is the solution

Nowadays, more and more people are shopping online, especially for clothing. Undeniable, size matter is become the common problem when people shop online. Furthermore, to reduce the possibility of shopping unfitted size clothes, Intellifit is the solution. It is the free service that helps shoppers to find their closest fit among variety of brands. However, this technology can help marketers to build brand loyalty, due to customers satisfaction.

Here, the customers need to go in to a tabular kiosk (don’t need to take off the cloths) to be scanned and measured. After that, the customers are assigned a “FitPrint” containing over 200 body measurements to be used when shopping for brand name clothes, such as Lands’ End, GAP, Nordstrom, Levi’s, Nautica, and Dockers. In addition, this technology is also very efficient, because it only takes approximately 10 seconds to get measured.

However, it is only available at the Philadelphia International Airport, since it is perfect location for traveller with nothing to do before a flight, and, since it’s free, is worth to try it.

So, are you ready to try it?



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