“Virtual Subway Supemarkets” by Homeplus

Homeplus is the second largest retailers in South Korea. They have 113 stores across the nation. However, South Korea is very limited in term of land. Thus, it is a barrier for Homeplus to open the new stores and become the market leader. To overcome this, Home Plus has introduced “Virtual Subway Supemarkets”. This allows people to shop without going to a store, instead they can shop along the way back home (subway). Furthermore, people only need to scan products’ QR codes that they want to buy, and the purchases will be delivered right to the buyer’s doorsteps.

As the results, this campaign has increased the Homeplus’ membership by 76% and online sales by 130%. Moreover, Homeplus has become the market leader in online market.






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3 responses to ““Virtual Subway Supemarkets” by Homeplus

  1. Great post! they have tried using that here in Australia i think. I think coles had bus ads with this sort of technology (copying the idea from tesco though)

  2. I think this is such a great concept. It would be really awesome to see this at more Australian stations, seeing as we generally have a lot of time to spare waiting for public transport. You would want delivery to be extremely quick though.

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