A “Sunny Sale” Campaign by E-Mart

E-Mart is the largest discounted retailer in South Korea. It has 141 stores across the nation.  However, the sales during the lunch time were always low. Thus, to increase the sales, E-Mart introduced a creative campaign called “Sunny Sale” in 2012. In this campaign, the customers were given unique experience that only available during lunch hours. Furthermore, the customers were asked to install a shadow QR code using sunlight and shadow that only available from 12 pm to 1 pm. As a gift, the customers will get special offers, such as a $12 coupon.

As the results, from 12,000 coupons that were given, E-Mart’s membership has increased by 58% and the sales during the lunch time have increased by 25%. Moreover, it also increase brand awareness of E-Mart due to mass media coverage.





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4 responses to “A “Sunny Sale” Campaign by E-Mart

  1. Haha, i just upload the blog talk about Emart campaign same like you this afternoon. And our links show in Moodle is near each other. Btw Emart now got another campaign called Flying store using the free Wi-Fi hotspot balloon.

    • Really? I did not realize it. I think Korean Supermarket has a lot of creative idea, also see Homeplus, they has “virtual subway supermarket”, which is very awesome idea. Anyway, thanks for the information 🙂

  2. Wow great idea to boost sales during their quite period.

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