Mobile game ad campaign by Tohato Inc.

Tohato Inc. is a Japanese food company, which is specialising in snack food.  In 2007, Tohato launched 2 spicy snacks on the market, “Tyrant Habanero Burning Hell Hot” and “Satan Jorquia Bazooka Deadly Hot”. However,  to make this product successful, a creative marketing campaign was created, which was unusual at that time. They created an online game for mobile phone because most of Japanase are addicted with mobile phone.

In this game, Customers were encouraged to buy one of 2 snacks to choose his master and with access code they could join nightly battles in a virtual game, to determine the winner of the “World’s Worst War”. The games ran at 4 AM. However, this mobile game was successful, because it increased sales and site accesses dramatically. Furthermore, this campaign  also win an award-winning campaign. 

So, why this campaign is so successful? Customers engagement plays important role here. However, technology enhancement allow marketers to be more creative than before and it also allow them to engage the customers in many ways.




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2 responses to “Mobile game ad campaign by Tohato Inc.

  1. What a great way to get fan engagement to actually drive sales, pretty genius. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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