Being famous through social media

Thinking about Miley Cyrus with her twerking dance that is very controversial, suddenly it reminds me of Justin Bieber that used to do a controversial thing. However, what attract me here, is not the controversial this that he have done, but how he can be so famous like now. Social Media is the answer. In 2007, Justin sang for a local singing competition in Stanford. Furthermore, his mother posted the video on You Tube for their friends and family to see. Luckily, in 2008, his talent was discovered by Scooter Brau, who is an American talent manager. At that time, Scooter Brau, searching a video on You Tube and accidentally click on Justin Bieber’s video. This is an initial path for Justin Bieber to be a famous singer. Furthermore, this technique has been used by several people that also become famous by uploading their video to You Tube. For example, Jayesslee, Boyce Avenue, Sarah Ellen (Girl with funny talent), and more.

So, Are you ready to be famous through You Tube?




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2 responses to “Being famous through social media

  1. agreed. social media can be a powerful tool to boost one’s career.

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