Facebook is a new opportunity for marketers

Do you have Facebook? It might be the question that should not be questioned. In Australia, among 23,154,143 population (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013) there are 13,597, 380 active users on Facebook (Internet World Stats, 2013). It means there are more than half of the Australian using Facebook.

Through this fact, Facebook’s presence is a new opportunity for marketers. Why I say it as a new opportunity, because it allow marketers to advertise their products to large audience at cheaper price, even free. It is very contrast with traditional media, such as newspaper, television, magazine, that has limited reach and costly.

On Facebook, marketers can create a page, share a link, photo, and video to advertise their product. Moreover, Facebook also has a feature that allow marketers to advertise their product at minimum price. Here, marketers can set specific target audience based on their location, age, gander, interest, and many other categories. For example, a marketer can target the audience that live in Caulfield with range age 15-22 who is interested with dog.

However, marketers need to realise that mostly of Facebook’s users are young people (Figure 1). Therefore it is not appropriate to use Facebook if the target market is elders. Even though it is cheap, it still cost you and as marketer you have to be wise to use your budget. Otherwise, you are welcome to find another job. 🙂






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10 responses to “Facebook is a new opportunity for marketers

  1. Anthony

    Nice facts! I am intersted in that special feature that facebook provide. Where i can find it?

  2. I agree with your article! Facebook is such a powerful media.

  3. ricky cahyadi

    Yes i strongly agree with your statements. Facebook has become a part of our culture today and it is one of the strongest communication tool.

  4. darinxu

    Understand your audience’s social media consuming pattern is key for advertising in social media. Facebook with large numbers of users, as well as data technology can make that happen, better understanding your customers.

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